Bellingham Permaculture Class Offerings 2015

Great Grafting Gathering Sat. March 14th $10 donation.

Pruning season is upon us! Remember to save scion wood for the Great Graft Gathering! Bring Apple, Pear, Plum varieties from your neighborhood. Share and graft to start new trees! We will demonstrate basic grafting techniques. Select scion wood and rootstock to graft a tree to take home! Apple, pear and plum rootstock will be available for a nominal fee. We will all share our scion varieties. Register at Inspiration Farm

Planning and Planting a Permaculture Paradise

At The Cedar Tree House, 1733 Mt. Baker Hwy. Sat. March 28th 10–5 pm early $50–reg. $60 Hands-on action learning: Food Forests, Plant Guilds, Land sculpting, ‘Hugelkultur’ Yard Debris Berms, Passive Irrigation, Instant Garden Beds, and More! With Certified Permaculture Teacher and Eco-Landscaper Bruce Horowitz Register at

Scythes the Cutting Edge Sat. April 18th $40

Sell the weed eater and use a scythe! Maintain your body, not your machines. Learn the sharper points of this elegant tool. Thought to be old school, but better blades and an ergonomic set makes them one of the most efficient tools out there. Learn what makes a good scythe, how to select a scythe for your needs and how to properly maintain it for years of efficient use. Register at Inspiration Farm

Practical Permaculture Intro. weekend Sat.-Sun. May 16th & 17th $150

A fun filled Permaculture Immersion Weekend will provide practical ways to design a integrated living system that is self regulating, abundant and resilient. Weather you are on an urban lot or a farm homestead, energy, water, soil building, animal systems, food production and preservation systems, diverse income streams are all important to you. An extended site tour and farm grown meals will augment this inspirational experiential weekend. Presentations and discussion in the AM, site tour and hands on with guilds, soil and integrated systems in the PM. Register at Inspiration Farm

Food Forest & Permaculture Guild Plants Sat. June 13th $40

Plant a garden, eat for a year, plant a Food Forest Guild, eat for decades! This hands on workshop shares design elements necessary for a perennial food forest. Learn about fruit and nut trees suited to our area, Fertilizing guild plants, pollinator attractants and more. Stacked systems can create the productivity of a forest. Once established it will provide for its own needs, producing food for decades! Presentations and discussions, site tour and hands on projects. Register at Inspiration Farm